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Map of Reigate Reigate dates back to around the time of the Battle of Hastings, when William I granted the land to one of his supporters, William de Warenne (whose son then built a castle here and started it all off). It is steeped in not-quite-mainstream history with a range of quirky firsts and facts: Britain's first tunnel road, England's first lending library, Britain's only windmill church and - reportedly - still home to Winston Churchill's swearing parrot.

Today, Reigate is a truly charming town. Its slightly cheesy motto, "The Friendly Town at the Foot of the Downs", is not far wrong. If it were a garden, it would be deemed 'mature'. Not too much development now occurs and it is rather set in its ways - but nicely so. Its history as a stopping-off point on the North Downs way (and later from London to Brighton) gives it plenty of market charm and it has enough enduring green-ness to make it appear a world away from the (albeit handy) M25 on the doorstep. In recent years, Corporate Reigate has emerged in the enclave south of the Railway Line and north of the main road, but this has probably helped the local economy more than it has damaged the environs.

This site is named after Deerings Road in Reigate where the first house was built around 1898. Until 15th July 1897, the land on which the road was built had been part of the Great Doods estate. Great Doods was a large mansion that dated back to the 1650s. Its land was released to be developed as a residential area at the end of the 19th Century and the house itself was demolished around 1910.

Deerings Rd, courtesy www.oldreigate.comDeerings Road is close to the heart of the Reigate and its community feel reflects that of the town. Consequently, this website is intended as a repository of history and useful information for anyone interested in Reigate. If you would like to contribute anything to this site - or see anything new posted here - please contact us via the contact page and we'll see what we can do.

The wonderful postcard on the right, showing Deerings Road early in the century, was provided to us by Paul Walters at the excellent website that charts the pictorial history of the whole area.

Please note, this site has been set up - and is maintained - purely as a hobby. Please don't be too offended if anything is incorrect. Just drop us a line and we'll correct it.

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Visit the excellent local jazz group Angi Barton & The Trio based around Deerings Road.
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